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Retail Manager POS System - General Retail Stores

Retail Manager POS System - General Retail Stores

About Retail Manager POS Software

The Retail Manager Software Point of Sale solution is arguably the premier POS software on the Australian market. Retail Manager Software is a complete Microsoft Windows product, offering the ease of use that the market has come to expect from a modern Windows based product.

Retail Manager Software is developed 'in house' hence customer enhancement requests can quickly be responded too. The latest Windows version was released in late 2001 and has since been continuously developed. It is a third generation product superseding the previous versions that were based on the old computer operating system platform of MS-DOS.

In your search for a suitable POS System, it is often hard, if not impossible to research every feature of every system you look at but with Retail Manager's professionally designed screen layouts and extensive feature list as well as the knowledge that thousands of sites have been installed before you, Retail Manager is the natural first choice.

Retail Manager POS Software (Complete Pricing)

The core Retail Manager product offers the functionality that will satisfy most retailers: An exceptionally easy to use POS Entry Screen, Stock Control, Extensive Stock, Sales and Audit Reporting, Debtors (Customer Shop Accounts), Suppliers, Product and Shelf label printing, Banking, BAS reporting and much more.

In addition to the core Retail Manager product are several 'Add-ons' that can further enhance your business. They include: EFTPOS terminal integration, Customer Loyalty and Lay-By.

Point of Sale

Retail Manager has a super fast and easy to use touch screen interface that utilises the latest hardware technology which has an attractive, robust & reliable overall design. The Retail Manager POS screen is considered the highlight with all necessary functions at your operator's fingertips. The current and previous sales totals are clearly displayed. Sales items are quickly entered using the preset fast key panel offering 40 buttons with 40 levels, product lookup keys, price level shift keys, open entry keys, one touch sale keys and of course, barcode scanning.

Complete sale details are always on display. Preset tender keys, $5 - $10 - $20 - $50 - $100, make change calculation a 'snap'. Your operators will love the 'hold / recall' feature, which enables them to toggle between multiple customers. Other great POS features include: Electronic Journal Display, Account Sales Key, Customer Account and Lay-By Enquiry, Item Price and or Description over-ride key, Payment screen which allows EFTPOS, Credit Cards, Cheques, Gift Cards etc with the added ability to split tender, Reprint receipts from anytime within the last 5 years, Find item key, Discounts, Refunds and a whole lot more.

A PDE (Portable Data Entry) terminal can also be used as a mobile POS unit. This allows your staff to 'walk' customers around your store recording sale items for later import into the POS screen. This is a great feature for warehouse style retail stores or retailers that have remote points of sale.

Retail Manager POS Software - POS Operator Login

Retail Manager POS Software - POS Screen - Main Functions

Retail Manager POS Software - POS Screen - Other Functions

Retail Manager POS Software - POS Payment

POS Operator Login

POS (Main Functions)

POS (Other Functions)


Stock Control

Stock Control forms the centre point of back office functionality. Your stock file includes unlimited attached PLU (Price Look-Up) / Barcode items each having the ability to have up to four price levels with the added feature of 'Sell 4' being able to be preset by date range. Other features include: min / max reorder points, category, sub-category and sub-category segment and a multiple supplier link, each with their own costings and pack size settings.

One of the highlights of the Retail Manager stock system is it's ability to handle multiple pack size sell points. eg. Single, Six Pack and Carton whilst still maintaining accurate stock levels. In addition, stock bundles / recipes are controlled by allowing multiple stock items to be linked to a single PLU / Barcode eg. Christmas Food Hamper. These specialised stock features stand Retail Manager apart from most other POS software packages.

When stock items are received, either by electronic or manual invoice entry, GST allocation is recorded, stock on-hand figures and account payables are updated, attached PLU / Barcode item pricing can be adjusted, along with date range special pricing, using the the on-screen previous purchase cost and margin history. Product and shelf labels can also be printed at this time along with confirming purchase reports.

Stock takes can be performed from either manual stock take sheets or via a PDE (Portable Data Entry) terminal. The PDE terminal allows you to simply scan items off the shelf, enter the count the electronically transfer into Retail Manager.

Suggested reordering is an automated process and can be filtered by supplier and or stock category. The suggested reorder quantities can be based on the specified number of weeks (This is based on historical weekly sales data), preset min / max stock levels or by a specified number of weeks forced to a preset minimum order. Suggested reorders can be edited, allowing you to over-ride the suggested supplier, cost, pack size and order quantity.

Retail Manager POS Software - Stock Control Menu

Retail Manager POS Software - Stock Item Entry

Retail Manager POS Software - Stock Reorder Generator

Retail Manager POS Software - Stock Invoice Entry

Stock Control Menu

Stock Item Entry

Stock Reorder

Invoice Entry

Stock, Sales and Audit Reporting

Retail Manager offers a complete range of stock, sales and audit reporting, most with date range and "drill down" filtering. The comprehensive list of reports will give you current and relevant information that will assist your business decision making.

Among others, you will find the following reports: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Business Analysis Reports, Category and Sub-Category, Gross Profit, Cost of Goods Sold, Purchases, Daily Low Stock, Stock Value, Best Sellers, Stock and PLU lists and many more.

Retail Manager POS Software - Stock Reports Menu

Retail Manager POS Software - POS End of Day Report

Retail Manager POS Software - Transaction Audit

Retail Manager POS Software - Transaction Trail

Stock Reports Menu

POS End of Day Report

Transaction Audit

Transaction Trail

Debtors (Customer Shop Accounts)

Retail Manager has a comprehensive debtors module inbuilt, allowing you to offer shop accounts to your customers. Although shop accounts are less common these days, some retail sectors like newsagencies, hardware stores, clubs etc still support them. Retail Manager also offers a COD delivery facility which is like a temporary account used in furniture, white goods and other bulk goods stores. It allows the sale transaction with customer delivery and contact details to be entered, deposit taken (if required), then a delivery docket is produced showing the balance outstanding. When your delivery person returns, the transaction can be completed by applying the balance outstanding.

Some of the main features of the debtors module include: Debtors enquiry from within the POS screen, Customer Lists, Accounts Receivable Summary with ageing, Statements, Bulk Charge Posting eg. Monthly Account Administration Fee, Debtors Audit Reporting and more.

Retail Manager POS Software - Debtors (Customers) Menu

Retail Manager POS Software - Enter Debtor Customer

Retail Manager POS Software - Debtors List Report

Retail Manager POS Software - Print Debtors Statements

Debtors Menu

Enter Debtor

Debtors List



Retail Manager offers a fully featured suppliers module which will ensure you know to whom and how much you owe. Keeping tight control over supplier invoices and payments will reduce the risk of costly errors.

Amounts owed to suppliers are updated automatically when invoices are entered via the Receive Stock section within Retail Manager.

Some of the main features of the suppliers module include: Supplier lists, Accounts Payable Summary with ageing, Historical Payments and Invoices Reporting, Reprint Past Invoices, Set Supplier Terms and more.

Retail Manager POS Software - Suppliers Menu

Retail Manager POS Software - Enter Supplier

Retail Manager POS Software - Suppliers List Report

Retail Manager POS Software - View Suppliers Invoices

Suppliers Menu

Enter Supplier

Suppliers List

Supplier Invoices

Product and Shelf label Printing

Retail Manager offers the facility to print both product and shelf labels. If your products don't already have a manufacturers barcode, Retail Manager can generate one for you, which is printed on the product label.

Some unique label features include: Multiple sell prices can be shown. ie. Normal Price and Special Price, which can be further enhanced by bold font. A unique product description as against your stock file description can be used.

Retail Manager POS Software - Product and Shelf Labels

Retail Manager POS Software - Product Label

Retail Manager POS Software - Shelf Label

Retail Manager POS Software - Customer Loyalty Label

Product & Shelf Labels

Product Label

Shelf Label

Customer Loyalty


Banking is also a standard feature of the Retail Manager POS System. Your bank account details can be entered, deposits and withdrawals applied. Supplier payments are automatically applied from the Suppliers module. The bank reconciliation feature allows you to mark cheque payments as they are presented. Bank reconciliation statements can also be printed.

Debtor statements can also have your bank account details shown with their account code as a reference to encourage direct deposit payment.

Retail Manager POS Software - Bank Accounts

Retail Manager POS Software - Daily Banking

Retail Manager POS Software - Edit Bank Transactions

Retail Manager POS Software - Bank Reconciliation

Bank Accounts

Daily Banking

Edit Bank Transactions

Bank Reconciliation

BAS Reporting

Retail Manager even has a BAS report generator that can assist you in calculating your GST and PAYG withholding amounts.

The BAS screen and subsequent printout have been designed to mimic the ATO's paper BAS form. This makes it nice and easy to transfer the calculated figures. Fields are also available for you to enter your payroll information.

Retail Manager POS Software - BAS Reporting

Retail Manager POS Software - Category Setup

Retail Manager POS Software - Category Menu

Retail Manager POS Software - Access POS On-Line Help

BAS Reporting

Category Setup

Category Menu

On-line Help

All of the above are standard features of the Retail Manager POS System. There are some optional software modules that can be added.

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