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Retail Manager POS System - Hardware

Retail Manager POS System - POS Hardware

The Retail Manager POS Software is an 'open architecture' system, meaning that it can be installed on almost any type of computer and POS hardware. Having said that, the retail industry requires robust commercial hardware that is specially designed for deployment into this sometimes hash environment.

Retail Manager Software offers selected POS Hardware that has proved to be robust, reliable, backed by a trusted manufactures warranty and has been fully tested with the Retail Manager POS Software. It is also desirable for Retail Manager Software to be consistent in the brands and models it supplies to it's customers, as this allows for better ongoing support outcomes.

 Retail Manager POS - POS Terminal

Retail Manager POS System (View Price)

The Retail Manager POS 'Package' includes the following:

  • Acer Commercial Computer. 3 years warranty.
  • Industrial Touch Screen Monitor.
  • Heavy Duty Cash Drawer.
  • Thermal Receipt Printer.
  • Retail Manager Software. Includes 12 months software support and license.

                  Retail Manager POS - Counter Laser Scanner

Counter Laser Scanner (View Price)

"Hands Free" counter laser scanners allow you to present the barcode on the product in front of the scanning 'window' without touching the scanner.

This type of scanner is commonly used in high volume retail stores or when a large number of items are often sold to the one customer. eg. Convenience Stores, Service Stations, Discount Stores, Newsagencies etc

             Retail Manager POS Scanner - Hand Scanner   

Hand Scanner (View Price)

Hand scanners require the scanning trigger to be pressed as you present the barcode in front of the scanning windows. A variety of hand scanners are available. The main differences relate to the scanning range / distance in which a barcode can be read.

This type of scanner is commonly used in lower volume retail stores or when items sold are large and bulky. eg. White Goods Stores, Furniture Stores etc. A hand scanner is often attached to a back office computer allowing easier stock item data entry.

         Retail Manager POS - Customer Pole Display

Customer Pole Display (View Price)

A customer pole display can be mounted at the rear of the POS System which allows your customers to view items as they are being entered by your POS operator. Not only does this give your customer confidence that items are being entered correctly, your customer is also the best weapon against in-store fraud by monitoring that your operator has fully and correctly entered the order.

The Customer Pole Display allows two lines of information. The top line displays the product description and price whilst the second line shows the 'running' sale sub-total.

Rolling promotional messages can also be displayed in times of POS inactivity.

             Retail Manager POS - Thermal Barcode Label Printer

Thermal Label Printer (View Price)

Retail Manager has an inbuilt interface to connect directly to a Thermal Label Printer meaning you do not require 'third party' software to generate in-store product barcode labels.

A label printer is used to print shelf and product barcode labels for those items that do not come with a manufacturers barcode. The optional customer loyalty software module uses the same printer to generate customer barcode labels for loyalty cards.

                 Retail Manager POS - Stocktake Unit

Portable Data Entry (PDE) Terminal (View Price)

Access POS has designed software that can be loaded into a Portable Data Entry (PDE) unit that has a seamless interface to Retail Manager.

The PDE unit has an inbuilt scanner. Stocktaking is performed by scanning an item off the shelf then entering a count quantity. You can also manually enter product I.D's for out of stock items as well as retail pricing. Data is then uploaded to Retail Manager to update stock on hand figures.

The same PDE unit can also be used as a mobile POS terminal. This is especially handy for large department style stores as you can walk the customer around the store entering / scanning sale items as you go for later upload to Retail Manager.

              Retail Manager POS - EFTPOS Terminal

EFTPOS Terminal (View Price)

Access POS does not supply EFTPOS terminals as most retailers are provided with a unit as part of their monthly merchant fee. Access POS provides the software 'link' that allows the EFTPOS terminal to be connected to the Retail Manager POS terminal.

The Retail Manager POS System allows EFTPOS Integration to all major Australian banks. By linking your POS terminal to the EFTPOS unit, the transaction total is automatically sent into the EFTPOS machine avoiding the need to re-key the transaction total. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures transaction accuracy. Debit Card "Cash Out"& is also supported.

             Retail Manager POS - Retail Scale

Scale (View Price)

Retail Manager allows a scale to be interfaced to the POS terminal. This enables the weight of an item to be automatically transferred to the POS terminal where the calculated price is determined, based on the preset price per kilogram.

In a similar manner to the EFTPOS interface, linking a scale to the POS terminal avoids the need to re-key calculated pricing which saves valuable time and ensures transaction accuracy.

 Retail Manager POS - Back Office PC

Back Office Computer (View Price)

Retail Manager offers stock control, extensive reporting and numerous other back office related functionalities. In a busy retail store it maybe preferable to process these tasks away from the front counter. By networking a back office computer to your POS terminals, managers can perform back office tasks whilst your POS operators can concentrate on serving customers.

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