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Retail Manager POS System - Add-ons

Retail Manager POS Software - Add-ons

The following optional software modules can be added to the core Retail Manager POS System.

Customer Loyalty (View Price)

The Customer Loyalty program works on an automated reward points system. In designing the loyalty program, flexibility and ease of use were the main criteria. Either the accrual or redemption of points can be based on product categories, sub categories or individual items. Added flexibility is provided by allowing different product groups or items that can accrue points as against those available for points redemption. eg. A Convenience Store may set up a magazine loyalty program that allows itsí customers to accrue points on magazine purchases but only allow the redemption of points (Discounts applied) on drinks. Almost any combination is possible.

When a new loyalty customer is added to the system a unique barcode label is produced that is adhered to the loyalty card*. This card is then used by the customer with each purchase and points redemption. The card can be scanned at any point within the sale. The Customers name, previously accrued points and card number are displayed to the POS operator. A welcome message "Welcome back Mr. Smith" can be displayed on a customer pole display. As each new item is registered, the additional points that will be accrued or the required points needed to redeem each dollar of discount are displayed. The receipt given to a loyalty customer, apart from the normal purchase detail, shows the previous points balance, points earned from the current transaction, number of points used for redemption (if any) and the new points total.

Individual or bulk loyalty statements can either be printed or emailed. Loyalty statements detail all transactions for the nominated period including points accrued, points redeemed and points lost if the points expiration option is used.

The addition of the Customer Loyalty Software module could provide you with a great tool to enhance your business.

* A barcode label printer is required to print Customer Loyalty labels. This same printer can also be used for printing product and shelf labels.

Retail Manager POS Software - Customer Loyalty Card

Retail Manager POS Software - Customer Loyalty Utilities

Retail Manager POS Software - Customer Loyalty History

Retail Manager POS Software - Customer Loyalty Receipt

Loyalty Card

Loyalty Utilities

Loyalty History

Loyalty Receipt

Lay-By (View Price)

In todays competitive retail environment, offering a point of difference is often vital in your attempts to attract new customers. Offering your customers a Lay-By service could just be that point of difference that makes a difference!

Retail Manager offers a comprehensive Lay-By module that will enable you to confidently process and manage your Lay-By customers. Lay-By deposit %, Cancellation %, Lay-By Term (In Days), Printed Terms and Conditions and Storage Locations can all be preset. When processing Lay-By transactions, customer name, address, contact details and purchase item(s) are entered. The required deposit is automatically calculated. A customer receipt is printed detailing Lay-By item(s), deposit paid, balance outstanding, Lay-By terms and conditions and a unique barcode to enable easy customer tracking and recall on subsequent visits. A shop copy receipt is also printed that can be attached to stored Lay-By item(s). A complete purchase and payment history is also recorded for each customer.

Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By Entry

Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By History

Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By Additional Payment

Retail Manager POS Software - Lay-By Payment Receipt

Lay-By Entry

Lay-By History

Additional Payment

Payment Receipt

EFTPOS Link (View Price)

The Retail Manager POS System allows EFTPOS Integration to all major Australian banks. By linking your POS terminal to the EFTPOS unit, the transaction total is automatically sent into the EFTPOS machine avoiding the need to re-key the transaction total. This not only saves valuable time but also ensures transaction accuracy. Debit Card "Cash Out" is also supported.

Retail Manager POS Software - EFTPOS Payment

Retail Manager POS Software - EFTPOS Functions

EFTPOS Payment

EFTPOS Functions

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